October 16, 2014



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Brichem represents a full range of quality construction related materials with the service intended to make your projects easier to complete. We supply non-sag and self-levelling caulking for interior/exterior, foam non-sag and self-levelling and sprayeble firestopping.

We distribute STI Firestop, Albion, Cox, ODL and TVM, bringing a full range of quality construction related materials  for your projects.

Albion (Dispensing Tools & Accessories) and Cox (Quality Sealant Applicators) provides us with the opportunity to select the most appropriate sealant/adhesive applicators to suit your project working environment.

We also sell a complete range of standard and soft backer rod (1/4" to 4").

Surface Shields (Surface Protection Products) is a leading provider of products for the temporary protection of carpets, floors, windows and most other high value surfaces found in the construction, recreational vehicle, marine and moving industries.

TVM Building Products develops, markets and distributes building sealing and energy conservation products worldwide.  Included in this line-up is a complete range of quality gun/straw single component, low expansion, high yield and cold weather polyurethane foams, plus a variety of caulking guns/foam dispensers to meet application specific needs.

ODL (Retractable Screens/Tubular Skylights) is a market leader with decorative doorlights, Retractable Screens and two sizes of easy-to-install Tubular Skylights.  They provide an innovative way to add functional value to one's location.